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“Jackpot Winners”

And the winners of the $224.2 million dollars Powerball jackpot came forward. The lucky group of 13 state employees that work for the Department of Social Services Family Support Division / Child Support Enforcement en Florissant, Missouri, claimed the $224.2 million dollar jackpot from the April 12 drawing of the Powerball multi-state lottery. Never before has a jackpot this big has been won in the Missouri Lottery’s 20 year history. It is also the seventh largest Powerball Jackpot ever won. All of the players plan to take the cash amount. All players contributed $5 except for two that contributed $2.50. The two players with the smaller contribution will get about $4.2 millions dollars while the others each get about $8.5 million before taxes.

Buying California Lotto tickets online

Isn’t it great? Anybody wanting to buy California Super Lotto tickets had to live in California, or visit California, or know someone that lives in California. But now, with and online you can have them buy lotto tickets for you. They go to an official California Lottery retailer and buy tickets for you, print your name on the ticket, scan it and email the ticket for you. Can’t beat that!

Ah! Did I say you can do the same with the Florida and New York Lotto and the Powerball (Power Ball) and Mega Millions (Megamillions) too?

Print your name on your lottery ticket

It’s important to print your name on the lottery ticket. not only prints your name on the ticket. They also scan it and email it to you and it’s available on your account online. is not an online lottery.

Read this article to see how the Lottery Commission investigates. It is indisputable: if you are a subscriber, you have an invoice for the service, you have your scanned ticket. The ticket is yours. Ready this: